Tuesday, 20 April 2010

One small step

Hooray for me! I have taken the first baby steps on my long long road to health and fitness!

I have been for 4 WALKS! Yup. Last week, I was up at 5.30am hitting the pavement. I even did lunges at the park one day! My thighs were burning but it was a great feeling.

Adry and I went for 2 walks on the weekend. Sunday was a short one as I was burdened with horrible lady pains. I should have sucked it up and kept going and walked through the pain but honestly it was all I could to stop throwing up by the canal and impaling myself on one of the pillars to stop the pain.

I didn't walk Monday morning or this morning as had to be in work early but I will hopefully find 30 minutes to get out there this evening.

I also bought a stability ball and 10lb weights, so I want to incorporate getting some exercise on that in.

I have dug out some of the old workouts that Ambegela and I did with Cat. Yikes. Lots of lunges and push-ups. But I can do it!

According to my height-weight ratio scale, my body weight should be between 126-154. Is that in pounds? I would be a skeleton! And that would mean I have to lose almost 80lbs! WTF!

Oh well ... the journey continues!

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