Saturday, 24 April 2010

Honestly - does God hate me?

I mean really? He has already given me an ass the size of Brazil and according to Adry - "huge pores"... does God really need to heap more suffering on me?

Alright in the grand scheme of things my suffering isn't the stuff that makes Amnesty International start a letter writing campaign but to me it is suffering. And doesn't the old saying go 'nobody's problems are bigger or more important than my own'? Maybe that isn't an old saying and I just made it up, but either way it is how I view things at this moment.

So what has my proverbial knickers in a twist? My "job". For those who care, I was accepted at Le Cordon Bleu but turned it down to take a position in my field. So the chef dream is gone. But I am ok with that. Perhaps 'ok' is not the right word as I still have my moments of blinding disappointment but I deal.

However, I digress.... my new workplace has it's 'quirks', but the people are great and I enjoy coming in and getting stuck into the work. I love having ownership of what I do and being involved in all aspects. I am a hands-on control freak. Well all that has pretty much changed ... there is a 'new sheriff' in town who has completely taken over. So what am I doing here? What is the point. They might as well put a monkey here as this is what the job is being reduced to.

I am just soooooo not happy about this. Now I am back to square one of what do I do. It isn't like there are a 1000 companies knocking at my door.

At least I will have time to work on my blog and chronicle my pathetic slide into nothingness.

Won't that be great reading?

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