Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Like the sands through the hourglass ... my ass contiues to expand

Greetings to me! As I am the only one who reads this and given that I haven't posted anything in oh ... three years, who can be blamed really.

As the title suggests, not much has changed in the past few years with respect to my bottom and ever expanding girth. Yes, I used the word girth.

My companions who were on this journey have fallen through the cracks ... literally ... Amgela is now some uber-fit surfer (yes, I have cursed her endlessly but also so thrilled and proud of her). And she got married!!!! Wow - time really has flown.

So now, I am going it alone. Well, not really alone because I have my wonderful happy fat cells to keep me company.

woooo .. .time to go get more water and pee for the umteenth time today ... oh joy

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