Friday, 28 December 2007

New Year ... Same Fat Ass

Well, here we are watching 2007 come to a close and watching my ever expanding ass grow. Needless to say the 2007 resolutions of becoming fit and even more fabulous were not met. Just by a smidge. Oh who am I kidding. They were missed by the large country mile that is my ass.

However, all is not lost. Today in a new day. 2008 is a new year which of course means a new beginning - 2008 and looking great!

We shall see what the new year brings - hopefully lots of good things!

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Logan said... has been a long time since I left that comment and had forgotten all about it. Thanks for getting back to me.

Yes, I'm still with the Lean & Fit program, and going into my fourth year It has produced some good results, and I think we get out what we put into it. It's not for everyone...I have seen many come and go over the last few years, all the while some stay and become the regulars. Back when I started, there was about 50-60 members in total at the one location...most classes were only about 10-20 in size where now they are often more than 30.

I admire that everyone wants to join up, but it's the same problem teachers face in classrooms....sometimes things can happen when people are not constantly supervised. I have seen my fair share of injuries and had some myself. It's not easy on the body and a lot of it is high impact.

Devon and Paul were awesome, but sadly they have left and I'm not really sure why. I could speculate, but speculation is like masturbation....everyone does it all the time but it doesn't benefit anyone but you. (of course, nobody wants to watch you speculate...LOL). Tony has great people working for him....Marcos, Josh, Justin, Laura, Kristin, Daneille, and many others. Tony doesn't do too many classes, which is unfortunate...when he does appear, he seems distracted. In the beginning with the smaller classes, we got Tony more often and he gave us much more focus. Fortunately, Paolo is more into the training than the business and he always runs a super class.

Yes, I'm the regular e-mailer to the Team1200...."Logan from Barrhaven"...the one that always tells Buzz to go back to the basement. I've been participating as a caller and emailer since I moved to Ottawa 6 years ago. I'm from New Brunswick, where I used to host a weekend sports talk show on a local AM radio station, so I have a feel for what they have to deal with.

Have a super day and thanks for writing. Happy New Year!!!