Friday, 1 December 2006

Tony Greco - the cause of my suffering.....


Well the journey continues.

Our Road to Health, Fitness and Tiny-Bottoms has a new traveller. (Although Ambegela and I doubt her fat cell count is sufficient enough to be a member of Blubber & Lard, as she is a little waif of a speck but however we love our Becky-Lou (again names changed to protect the innocent- this name could change further!).

But nonetheless a great big FAT (no pun intended) welcome to Blubber & Lard to our beloved little Bec!!!!!

You may all be wondering who this Tony Greco is referred to in the title and why he causes yours truly Pain and Torture. Tony Greco is a self-proclaimed fitness guru with a personal training studio (3 actually) in Ottawa Tony offers a 10 week program called .. Lean and Fit which I am renaming Pain and Torture.

The program consists of taking 3 45-minute group fitness classes per week and a healthy eating.

Lets start with the eating - P&T (pain & torture) advocate 5 meals a day ... I am liking it so far ... wine, cheese, chocolate, cakes .. ha ha ha. The 40-30-30 ratio. Lots of veggies, grains etc. I see in the literature that they say butter is a bad choice and to only have 1/3 tsp. Does 1/3 even exist? I mean what is the point of even having butter. This could help to explain the size of my bottom!

Last night I ventured for a protein shake after class. Oh my god. No wonder people don't eat after a protein shake they are totally nauseous!

And then there are the classes. I am actually having Mojo my trained servant Monkey type this for me as I have lost the use of my arms. Another reason why P&T works - you are in such pain after the classes you are unable to move and therefore you can't eat. The classes are circuit training using resistance, hand weights and floor exercises to work out. No fancy machines for us! Good old fashioned lunges, squats, push-ups and sit-ups .. but harder. Balance boards and bosu balls are a particular favourite torture method. Every class is different. Who knew there were so many different ways to make a person suffer.

I have survived 3 classes thus far. I am still waiting for that magic morning when I wake up transformed. Perhaps I should wait until week 3 for that. I am in my second week but it feels more like my first official week as after my first class I was paralysed with pain for 3 days. I constantly smell like A535 rub (deep heat). Soothe those aching muscles.

But I live to fight another day.

Die you dreadful fat cell die!


Anonymous said...

Loved your story re: Tony. How are you and Tony getting along now? Match made in heaven? How is your butt looking?

Anonymous said...

No pain No gain, if it were easy than everyone would look great.
Take the pain, hes the best and u want to look and feel your best right....your at the right place.
And if you are eating right and drinking the right amounts of fluids, that pain should go away.

Anonymous said...

As a physician and avid athlete, I had taken the Greco 10 week program and was fully dedicated to it, atleast until I heard the man speak at nutritional seminars and other public events.. He is by far the most uneducated and unprofessional person I've ever met. He lacks fundamental understanding of kintetics and how the body works.. I am astonished at how so he hasn't been exposed as being unqualified or unfit to train. He fabricates facts and statistics and he makes ridiculous and irrelevant analogies.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I would like too take some time out thank the active members for doing what you do and make this community great im a long time reader and first time poster so i just wanted to say thanks.

Anonymous said...

I too have always questioned the legitimacy of the so called fitness "guru" Tony Greco... I've heard many of his speeches and motivational seminars/videos and he seems to speak with confidence but the content of his speeches almost always lack any truth, consistency or knowledge. He jumps from tangent to tangent, and beyond that, he mixes up his facts on a regular basis. How is it that he can prey upon the lack of knowledge an ignorance of so many people? and how can he even begin to claim to being an "expert" when he even lacks the basic fundamental understanding of kinetics or how the body works?

Lorne Goldenberg said...

Interesting comments on Greco....Never met the man, have heard his rant on the radio, and it always makes me cringe. People can say anything they want on the radio, when they are paying for the air time. Its unfortunate that people tend to believe what they hear, right or wrong. In the fitness field the only ones who really benefit from the poor advice are the orthopaedic surgeons and physiotherapists....they love Greco.