Wednesday, 29 November 2006

The Beginning of the End of Blubber & Lard

Here it is ... the first day of the last day as "fat girls with good personalities".

My fabulous divine friend Ambeglea and I (the names have been changed to protect the innocent) are now waging a war on our sadly expanding bottoms.

* No more will we pass by a shop window, see our reflections and think someone is following us!

* No more will we enter a shop to buy shoes only because they are the only things that will fit us. (Although size 9.5 isn't all that dainty!)

We will however pass by a plate of sweets and only eat 1 (well maybe 2) but no more than 4.

We will pass by a group of hot men and garner a chorus of
'hey baby'
'oh my god you are hot'

and any other overtly sexual comment that we cause!

Ambegela has just suggested a 12 week challenge.

Stay tuned for the impending details.......

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